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Therapeutic Touch - Retreats
  Retreats offer us time out to care for ourselves, deepen our Therapeutic Touch practice and share with each other. There are opportunities to take quiet time out alone, to give and receive Therapeutic Touch, and share the energy of the group during workshops.

"Retreat at the beach"
Retreat 2017 - Portsea, Victoria
  The inspirational Diane May, RN. was our International Guest Speaker presenting "Healing Presence to Healing Moment".

  Jane Hall presented "Connecting to the Quantum Fields: TT and Distance Healing".

  Lainie Rawlins facilitated a mindfulness art project starting with a meditation, collecting 'gifts' from the beach and producing a take home 'moment in a jar'

  Margaret Graham guided us through meditation.

"Exploring TT from an Australian Consciousness"
Retreat 2015 - Northern Territory
  "On Sunday we drove out into the National Park area of the N'Dahla Gorge, over river ways and creek beds and through just stunning countryside, and high rock faces, the colours were incredible and our photos don't do the area justice. The walk into the Gorge was absolutely incredible and again profound healing and release work was felt by all, the connection to the land was so powerful and beautiful. The walk was so fantastic and the wildlife so wonderful, the rock faces were amazing, and some beautiful visions and healing was presented to us. This was a fantastic morning".

Jenny Cameron

  "Three weeks after our return from Alice Springs, Gerry (Milton) confirmed, 'life is getting back to normal'. I agreed - but then reflected: life was indeed returning to 'normal', but for me, it would never be the same".

"Despite this return of 'normal' back in Melbourne, remnants of the retreat remain. A few specks of bark, 3 miniscule gum nuts, and a tiny stone continue to catch my sight and tempt my touch, and the beating heart of the land that made them (country) seems to beat within me. I feel I share their energy, and having been to 'their place' - they share mine. And I am not the 'same' as I was before I stepped off the plane and into the ranges and gorges of Alice's immense, golden arms. I set off as tourist but was embraced by country as having come home".

Carole Emslie

  "I had a fabulous time at Ross River on the TT retreat. There were places and experiences that I found to be really extraordinary, such as feeling a profound connection to the land, and sensing a powerful energy from the trees, rocks and spaces in the environment. It was great to be able to share such a space with everyone in the group. We also had a lot of fun! Thank you Sue for sharing your wisdom, and arranging this, and thanks to Jane and Marg who together with Sue, Gary and Bruce, made it happen."

Gerry Milton

  "The common theme of our conversation was the importance of being centered, grounded and present in the heart. And then, suddenly, we realized. Here we were, right now, in this very moment, in the centre of the country, grounded in this tiny cave, and in the very heart of the land. Our intent had manifested for our group in the reality of the environment we were in.

There was a feeling of having received a TT treatment, not from each other, but from the very land itself.

The power of the desert had bestowed a special gift to renew our spirits, the spirit of our TT Practice, and the spirit of TTAA."

Sue Gregory

  The above reflections are exerts taken from TTAA's newsletter, TT Vibes Spring 2105 edition.

Retreat 2014
"Taking a moment to pause, reflect & rest before Winter sets in..."
  TTAA's biannual retreat in 2014 was held in coastal Balnarring Beach at Victoria's beautiful and diverse Mornington Peninsula.

The Committee opted for a three-day retreat this year, given the resounding feedback from the last retreat about taking our time and having the option of enjoying a longer time away from our respective "dailies".
  Each day offered meditations, opportunities to share Therapeutic Touch, and time for self.

Day 1 included Complementary Therapies with Jenny Cameron, Bio feedback with Gerry Milton, Mindfulness with Jane Hall and Art therapy with Maria Cincotta.

Day 2 offered Aboriginal bush teachings and learning with Sue Gregory, Munay Ki with Gerry Milton and Virginia Kingsford, and chanting with Steve and Jan.

Day 3 included 'Divine Healing Hands' with Trevor Allan, a link up with Diane May in Canada and a spoon bending session.

Retreat 2012
"A Therapeutic Moment in Time: Nurturing the Healer Within"
  There were several labyrinths to explore during the retreat.The outside labyrinth enabled a journey to the centre of oneself in the midst of nature.

  Candle rolling was another activity. We rolled our intention for the retreat into plain beeswax candles. These were then lit from a candle carrying the energy of past TT conferences and retreats from within Australia and Internationally.

Retreat 2009
"Stepping into the stillness - with Therapeutic Touch"
Reflections of the 2009 Retreat
  "A special weekend sharing with people of like minds in a wonderful peaceful environment. The energetic experience was very powerful and one felt oneself being in a very different compassionate space as we participated in the activities and shared TT and other healing experiences."

"This weekend came at a time where I really needed to take care of myself and reflect. I have come away with some clear directions of where I need to go/what I need to do on leaving. I enjoyed the diversity of modalities, as well as the TT and the willingness of all to share knowledge, Skills, thoughts and inner being. Thank you."

"Wonderful, inspiring and reenergising my love of TT."

"The retreat provided me with a safe, nurturing environment in which to explore and validate my spirituality. The team of TT practitioners have been wonderfully supportive. I now have the confidence (through affirmation) to pursue understanding my gift."

"The retreat has been a great heart connection, a reminder of just how precious TT and its message is for this day and age. This is what we need to tend our souls and psyche and our bodies. This is what we need to help us correct all that is."

Aboriginal smoking ceremony

Shelly beach, Portsea

Art project

Retreat 2015 participants

connecting with land

connecting with land


Art therapy

Fun times

Walking the labyrinth

walking the labyrinth 2009

Assessing the pony's energy 2009

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