TT Training, ongoing Education and Professional Development

Therapeutic Touch training is available in a range of forms to meet your needs. All training is competency-based and accredited by TTAA in line with international standards set by the Therapeutic Touch International Association (TTIA).

Learning Therapeutic Touch can deepen your capacity to be mindful and in the present moment. Therapeutic Touch training develops you as a person and provides skills in promoting healing and balance in yourself and others.

Ongoing education provides practitioners of TT with opportunities to expand and update their practice. TTAA offers a strong community of practitioners who provide support and care for each other and work to serve their communities through the provision of TT. A professional development program is available for qualified practitioners and teachers

TT training and education is offered in person and also on-line around Australia and overseas. All listed courses are offered by TTAA accredited teachers. To find a teacher refer to the Contact page.

Tailored Workshops

Therapeutic Touch can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different practitioners and client groups. Bespoke courses can be developed to meet your requirements.

Serenity Settling

Ask us about our Serenity Settling workshops for Aged Care facilities and Community Aged Care providers.

TT Education and Professional Pathway

Course Details
Foundations of Therapeutic Touch (Basic) • Entry level
• Anyone interested in TT
• Equivalent 2 days plus practice for self, family and friends
• Equivalent 3 days plus practice for health care practice
Mentorship • Commence any time after Foundations
• In depth 12 months program
• Living a TT lifestyle – personal and professional development plus support for using TT in health care practice
Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch (Intermediate) • Commence 3 - 6 months after Foundations
• Equivalent 3 days plus practice
• Further TT skills
• Care for individuals with compromised health
Application of Inner Processes of TT (Advanced) • Commence after 12 months regular practice of TT and Transpersonal
• Deepening and expanding practice and self
Advanced Mentorship • Commence following Advanced level
• 6-12 months
• Training to be a mentor
Teacher/Researcher TTAA Accreditation • Commence 3-5 years regular practice of TT
• 12-24 months
• Level 2 = teacher training in progress with mentoring
• Level 1 = has demonstrated competency
Ongoing Education and Professional Development • Variety of courses, retreats, conferences, online national and international education and events

TT Practice Groups

Practice groups enable new and experienced TT practitioners to get together to practice TT, receive TT, share knowledge, ask questions, and receive feedback in a supportive environment. Practice groups usually start with a mediation. Some groups incorporate an education session or topic of interest, and some invite friends, family, or members of the public to receive a TT treatment.

Please contact the Practice Group coordinator for further information.

Northern Territory

  • Susie Gregory (0419119744) Alice Springs


  • Geoffrey Dunlop (0429970143) Hobart


  • Jenny Cameron (0419391488) Ballarat
  • Cynthia Bartolo (0417 500 197) Melbourne
  • Gerry Milton (0413370722) Seaford, Victoria

Western Australia

  • Peta Nottle (0408924183) Gwelup

We acknowledge the lands on which we stand as the lands of First Nations people. We recognise their deep and abiding connection to the land, waters and sky, through their diverse cultures and kinship. We honour and pay our respects to Elders, past, present, and emerging as well as any Indigenous people who are members of this group.